My “Ins & Outs of Flash Fiction” class starts soon

I’m so happy to report that I’ll be teaching an online mini-workshop on flash fiction this month, on March 24-25, with Pen and Paper Writing Workshops. We will be reading some stellar examples of the genre and writing work of our own. The fee is a mere $65. There are still spaces left, so do sign up!

Here’s a quick summary of the course:

We’ll first discuss the elements of the form: what is flash fiction, exactly? Does it need to have a plot? How is it different from a prose poem? When did people start calling short short stories flash? We’ll then look at a few exemplary examples for inspiration. After you draft your story, I’ll offer ways to revise it by focusing on characterization and next by sculpting away what is unnecessary to your text. In this process of revising, we’ll be archaeologists digging underneath the layers to see what treasures come up—and those treasures will be passed on to the reader. By the end of the workshop, you should have a strong piece as well as a better understanding of the flash fiction form.

Here’s the link:


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