I am a writer in Boston, Massachusetts. My work has been published or is forthcoming in The Chattahoochee Review, JukedJellyfish ReviewHobart, Cease, Cows Magazine, SmokeLong Quarterly, and more. I hold an MFA in Fiction from Bennington Writing Seminars.

My first collection of flash fiction, The Clarity of Hunger, will be published by word west press in Summer/Fall 2021.

To get in touch, write me at fabulistpappas (at) gmail.com, and you can find me on Twitter @fabulistpappas.

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  1. Hi Cheryl, I’m an academic librarian at SUNY New Paltz working with a patron who is doing research on Jane Fortune. She would like to be able to cite your article in Index Magazine, “Brushing off the dust on women’s artworks, in Florence” but has been having trouble locating a volume and issue number for the publication. Does the magazine use a volume and issue system or simply the date of publication? Thanks!

    1. Dear Madeline,

      Thanks so much for writing. Index was once a print publication, with volume numbers. Once we started publishing all stories online, and posting stories on a rolling basis, we did away with volume numbers. She is fine to simply cite the online article.

      Kind regards,


      1. Dear Cheryl,

        Thank you for your quick reply! This is great information to have – the patron will be very pleased to know that she has a complete citation. It does make a lot of sense – no need to retain an organizational convention that references printed objects!


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