Nature.” SmokeLong Quarterly 
“This Violent and Cherished Earth,” Cleaver Magazine (forthcoming December 2017)
“All for Tulips,” The Bitter Oleander (forthcoming April 2018)

Prose Poetry

Profile, Mulberry Fork Review


Learning to See Again, with Annie DillardEssay Daily 
“If you are like me and you check your smartphone about 80 times a day, then you, too, might need a gentle reminder . . .”

Lost & Found: Cheryl Pappas on ColetteTin House (Open Bar)
“When I first read Colette’s novel Duo, it was Eastertime in 2007. . . 

A Journey with the Pre-Raphaelites and BeyondIndex Magazine
“As with writing a book, curating a gallery involves multiple drafts . . . “

Brushing off the Dust on Women’s ArtworksIndex Magazine
“Dr. Jane Fortune is on a mission: to rescue works of art by women that have been hidden in the storage houses of museums in Florence.”

Life of an Object: 1960.354Index Magazine
“When this 5th-century BCE Greek red-figure wine jug entered the objects lab of the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, it was in less than ideal conditio

A Tour through the Pazzi Conspiracy, The Florentine
“It’s one of the most dramatic stories from fifteenth-century Florence.”

Via Sant’Agostino, OltrarnoThe Florentine
“It is a very ordinary street in Florence . . .”

Via dello StudioThe Florentine
“It has become a habit for me, but one that always comes as a surprise: when walking toward Piazza della Repubblica from via del Corso, I sense something extraordinary out of the corner of my right eye . . .”

Via dei CimatoriThe Florentine
“It is just before noon on a bright and clear Wednesday afternoon, and I am on the hunt for a new street.”

Borgo Santissimi ApostolioThe Florentine
“It’s late summer, and I’m amidst the clamoring crowds walking toward Ponte Vecchio on via Por Santa Maria.”


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